Comment from Eric Seelig 2003 May 20

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From: Eric Seelig
Date: 2003 May 20
Subj: Shu Feng

Quit yer complaining, the non-In Soo Shu Feng is quite good, actually, especially if you consider the fact that its main focus is Taiwanese rather than Korean food. If you ask for the House Special Chicken, I guarantee you that if you don't enjoy it, it's your problem, not theirs. With all due respect to Jill (her bands rocked and her writing tends to be really funny), she's going way overboard here, as she did in her Riverfront Times review of it - just because Shu Feng isn't this same restaurant she apparently deified doesn't make it a bad restaurant by ANY means.

Deifying restaurants makes sense if you treat your stomach like a temple. No, wait, that's not quite right. Uhm.