Comment from Wallis Hosken 2003 Jun 02

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Wallis Hosken sent in this comment.

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From: Wallis Hosken
Date: 2003 Jun 02
Subj: Hoskens


Are you North American born, or like me did you come from your ancestral Britain?

My father Leonard Hosken was born in Hayle Cornwall England.Although not born in Cornwall, my first memories are of living with my Hosken grandparents in Truro, Cornwall.

When I was 13 we all moved to Canada. It'spretty rare to hear of one of our species, so Iwould appreciate hearing from anyone out there blessed with the name Hosken--eg Who? Where from originally? How long since self or ancestor left Cornwall? If ancestor--name and part of county born in.Is anyone reading this related to William Hosken who emigrated to South Africa in 1874?He was my Great Grandfather's brother



I'm so unclear on my family history, it isn't even funny.