Comment from Wcansle 2003 Jul 20

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From: Wcansle
Date: 2003 Jul 20
Subj: Ninjas

well you had a very interesting site. I'am 13 and have been deeply studying the ninja arts and the ninja history. I have always dreamed of seeing that museum. You were very lucky. Please note ninjas werent anything in the movies, and
they werent bad people. Your dictionary will tell you they were mercenaries. They werent. Only one clan to my knowlrdge was a group of mercs. They later turned into a band of pirates. The majority were rebels. Patriots. They fought to keep the samurai warlords out of thier province. They had an extensive honor code and morals. I just wanted to get that point across. They werent cold blooded murderers. They were heroes in thier own right. Sincerely, your local ninja obsessed freak.

I asked this person where s/he learned so much about ninjas, got the reply:

all over the web. find any good search engine, and you'll find all sorts of stuff. theyve been an interest of mine for the past several years. just go to and type in any search on them. they are very interesting people indeed. not all of thier inventions were for warfare though. they made many different advances in medicine, and even came up with a food thats basically the miracle diet. it satisfies the body, but virtually makes you gain no weight.

So I tried some web research. I learned that ninjas are awesome and sweet. I'm glad that Wcansle has had more successful studies.