Comment from My Mom 2003 Jul 31

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My Mom sent in this comment.

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From: My Mom
Date: 2003 Jul 31
Subj: The latest

I discovered that you had posted your Seattle trip and started to read...

Is Sidney Harbor in Victoria? I remember those flower holders from there I think. It was maybe 30 years ago.

Sidney Harbor isn't in Victoria, but it's nearby.

We have seen fish hoses. I don't know if you were with us when we visited Standard Fisheries. Before we planted the asparagus, we went to their fish cleaning operation. we brought buckets, a baby bathtub, and other containers and they were willing to let us load up on their garbage: fish bones they had after filleting fresh fish for market. I had read about the Indians planting fish under their corn. I figured it would also be good for asparagus. Standard Fisheries has long since gone. Anyway there were hoses at about eye level for the people doing the filleting. They wore rubber gloves and had sharp knives. The fillets go in one container and the not-wanted parts go into large plastic garbage cans. The hoses are covered with what slop is on the hands of the workers. Everything is wet. We may have gone back for another load. Great recycling no? ...

Standard Fisheries at San Francisco? My acronym sense is tingling.