Comment from Wsherriw28 2003 Aug 27

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From: Wsherriw28
Date: 2003 Aug 27
Subj: Loudon, TN

I just found your website. I have lived in Loudon all of my life. I do agree that the scenery ( on the outskirts of town ) is very pretty. I grew up on a farm w/ beautiful rolling fields and old oak trees that seemed to almost touch the sky. While there are things to do in other areas of East TN, there is nothing to do in Loudon. It's one of those small towns that if you blinked while driving through, you would miss the whole thing. There's just not much to mention about Loudon besides the scenery. If you never came back no one could blame you.

Nothing to do in Loudon? Maybe it got tame after XvindictivechicX moved away?
A few days later, Wsherriw28 wrote a clarification:

It's me again. Ijust wanted to clarify some things about my previous statements about Loudon. XvindictivechicX (who I think I know, by the way) was right about one thing. Drinking And screwing around are very popular past-times in Loudon,especially for the teenage crowd. That's because there's NOTHING else to do. You went to visit family, aside from that, was there anything else in Loudon that you would travel across the country for? In your reply you mentioned you talked to the cows and looked at some construction(sounds like you're a wild and crazy guy from way back). Is that something you'd like to do more than once in your life? Or was that all you found to do in Loudon? Most people would choose the second reason, but after reading some of your other comments, it may be the first for you. But hey, if you enjoyed it, who am I to judge? Aside from the power lines and the dead tree, it doesn't sound like you saw much in Loudon anyway.(not there's much to see anyway) You talked more about Oak Ridge and the lack of bookstores in Knoxville.(by the way if you do come back you really should go to a UT football game. I'm not a big football fan,but you can always sit back and make fun of the die-hard fans who make complete asses out of themselves.) I guess that's all I've got to say for now, if anything else comes to mind I'll let you know.(I'm sure you'll be looking forward to it)

I would be glad to look at cows and construction again, but would not fly across the country just to do so.