Comment from Cedric Krumbein 2003 Sep 04

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From: Cedric Krumbein
Date: 2003 Sep 04
Subj: Splorktap

Just read your online story about your June visit to Seattle. I had completely forgotten about the name "Splorktap". Should we have named Paul that? It would've been more distinctive.

Paul had a lot of colic recently, but other than that he's doing great. Despite the colic, Nancy is enjoying her maternity leave. In October she flies down to San Luis Obispo to give her mother another dose of grandmothering. (Have you ever seen grandmothering in action? Charlotte spent a week with us helping out just after Paul was born. She was invaluable! At the end of the week, it was so difficult for her to separate herself from Paul that she sniffled all the way to the airport.)

You've visited Seattle how many times and you don't know about the Kalakala? Check out

Apparently, the Kalakala was one of the first electrically-welded ships. I bet Margaret Sondey knows about it.