Comment from Andre 2003 Oct 18

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From: Andre
Date: 2003 Oct 18
Subj: strughold

Regarding H. Strughold.

It is easy to undrestand, that one of "paper clip" operation results, was saving nazi. This was a kind of trade - their lifes for knowledge.

H. Strughold research in Dachau was concentred on estimating human response at high altitude flight conditions. All experiments were conducted on Dachau camp prisoners. Stages of experiments were as follow:
1) elevation of prisoner at certain height (is special vaccum chamber mounted on the track)
2) killing of prisoner
3) post mortem obduction

As human reaction were really Strughold's main point of interest, he continued his research in Ksiaz Castle, estimating influence of wibrations on human body.

All information about his activity can be easily obtained (his publications, post war interviews).



After some preliminary web research, I decided I shouldn't follow up on researching Strughold's Dachau career, lest I turn into one of those people who writes about MKULTRA and the government's plan to control our minds.