Comment from kar MEGAM PANDI 2003 Oct 27

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My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

Date: 2003 Oct 27
Subj: help me to develope the projects using RTOS-Vxworks

dear sir,

i'm karmegam from madurai. I joined in a private company in embedded systems. Now, i am a newer to this. So, our friends do not help me in this area. So, i am studying in my own.

Now i have taken a challange to do the following projects. Because my co-workers cheated me in developing the proejects. Now, i am in urgent situation to develope the projects in the following topics. Please help me by giving suitable methods and description for the following.

1. Device driver developement for ethernet
2. protocol conversion(tcp to ip)
3. temparature controller data logger
4. speed and distance measurement of train

Please help me.

don't forget to mail me.

I did not mail this person. Maybe I shouldn't have posted his mail here. It wasn't exactly a comment on my site. It looked like he spammed a few programmers.