Comment from Sarah Purdy 2003 Nov 17

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Sarah Purdy sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: Sarah Purdy
Date: 2003 Nov 17
Subj: Shu Feng

I just read your website on your visit to St. Louis. Actually, I didn't read all of it, I cached to Shu Feng because they are one of my clients. I work for the Riverfront Times and wanted to offer you a suggestion, please revisit Shu Feng. No, In Soo no longer owns it, which is for the best. Leling is the new owner and her food is absolutely amazing (and I'm not just saing that because she is my client, she has no idea I am writing you this). Next time you visit St. Louis, please, revisit Shu Feng and update your website. You will be more than pleasantly surprised!

Sarah E. Purdy
Retail Account Executive, St. Louis Riverfront Times
(314) 754-5980 direct
(314) 807-2729 mobil
(314) 754-5955 fax

I liked this mail. Mail like this makes me want to write about some local restaurants and see what kind of local mail I get.