Comment from Frederick Roeber 2004 Feb 19

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From: Frederick Roeber
Date: 2004 Feb 19
Subj: pacific shores

I found your site from a Google search for Pacific Shores; I'd seen a mention on and was trying to figure out which buildings they were. (I drive down 101 every day..)

Nice pictures, thanks.

I'm amused by the salt evaporation ponds. I wandered around some of them one day when I started at Shoreline Park (mountain view) and just kept wandering. Those companies own a *lot* of land .. there are big no-tresspassing signs that mention that some of the land has been leased to hunting clubs, but they're adamant about keeping ownership and control. (And some of the land is strongly fenced off .. dunno if that's to keep the hunting good, or to just assert ownership.) I can only imagine that the salt companies are just waiting for the land to become valuable. If you can look to a century or more out, maybe it's a good investment.

> In his book Salt: A World History, Mark Kurlansky writes
> "In western Nevada [...] was found [...] the richest vein of silver
> ever discovered [...] and it required mountains of salt."

Aha! Those flats make a lot more sense now.

I'll have to go read that book; thanks for the mention.


I wondered why my site was getting so many web hits from people doing web searches for Pacific Shores. "Why would they search for that? That place is empty!" The article talks about Pacific Shores' post-dot-bomb empty buildings. So I guess those people were searching for emptiness. How very zen.