Comment from some spammer 2005 Feb 23

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some spammer sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: some spammer
Date: 2005 Feb 23
Subj: Re:

I checked your website and I would like to link to it. My website is and it represents a network of keywords and concepts as they logically relate to each other, on various topics. Under each keyword I list relevant websites and resources.

Oh, great. Spam from a link farm.

I am considering listing your website under keywords such as "nonsense","tasteless" and "modeling career". Also, whenever visitors come from your site to, a chart containg the top 20 relevant keywords to your website will be added, personalizing the display. You can see this feature right now, as I already have analyzed your website:

"Nonsense" and "tasteless"? I think I'm insulted.

If you want to add to, please use link. If you add your site, you will be supplied with an account, so you can log in and edit and delete your links.

The personalization system works by interpreting the http-referrer field so any plain html link to my website will trigger your specific keyword chart. If you consider to be useful, please reciprocate my link. This is my html link code, provided for your convenience:


<a href=""> - browse the Keyword Map of</a>


Thank you.


By the time I figured out that this, while pretty spammy, was not actually spam from some link farm, I was already so grumpy that I didn't want to deal with this guy. "Nonsense"? "Tasteless"? Waah! Boo hoo.