Comment from Richard Diehl 2005 Mar 02

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Richard Diehl sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: Richard Diehl
Date: 2005 Mar 02
Subj: Error on your site

On this page here: you show an early video recorder, but identify the machine incorrectly. The names of the inventors is correct. And it is likely that they did go on to produce the Telcan VTR later. but, the machine you have on display is a Wesgrove VKR-500 kit VTR. Trust me on this, I know the mechanical engineer who worked on it personally. I also own a few spare parts for that machine. See my Telcan and Wesgrove pages here: &

The two machines may be very similar technologically, but their styling is individually unique. May I use your photo on my site? With full credit and a link back to your site of course.

Best regards,
Richard Diehl

Usually when someone sends me a correction, I don't post that correction here--what's the use of permanently posting a correction to a mistake which I have since fixed?

But this mail illustrates what I love about the internet. So I am posting it.