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From: 'Lene
Date: 2005 Apr 17
Subj: What's the Matter with Kansas

Your book review doesn't make WTMWK sound as clever and labor-history-filled as someone made it sound on the radio.

One book in the political theory category that I think is scary-brilliant is George Lakoff's "Don't Think of an Elephant," which I'm only about 20 pages into, but which I'm still boggled by. I've heard him speak: he's a very clever linguist, and presents ideas very well. I'm stumbling over some very basic stuff that is key to understanding how the right wing co opts language, such as right wing, born again Christian-capitalist ideology insisting that god hates poor people, so we need to give tax breaks to the rich people that god loves, and hoard things, and use violence because god says so, etc. It explains A LOT, along with some of the other summaries he's made of capitalist-evangelical thinking, but it's still out of whack with anything I'd think of as reality, or even the stuff I learned in religious school.

I'm not spending my time trying to live my life based on principles outlined in a bronze age book in which everyone had thousands of kids, even virgins (well, okay, she had one), detailed instructions on whether or not to execute animal victims of human molestation, etc., so my reality is different from the the general evangelical one anyway. But still.

who smells suspiciously like photo chemicals again

The next time I'm at the library, I must remember to think of Don't Think of an Elephant.