Comment from Ted LaBoube 2005 May 25

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From: Ted LaBoube
Date: 2005 May 25
Subj: St. Louis

Just came across your comments on St. Louis. Just to note, your original feeling about Lafayette Square was correct. The development in the square has had a huge effect on the surrounding areas in the last two years. New condo buildings are starting to go up all around the neighborhood. St. Louis as a whole is just starting to come out of its 50-year slump. The population has finally stabilized, and 1000's of new units of housing are being built, or are planned in the downtown area. Massive new developments are planned for north and south of downtown including a 6-block stretch that is being designed by Daniel Libeskind. This six-block stretch will be an area that you have pictured in the section you devote to your 2000 visit. The photo called "Old Factory", is this area. The Central West End has at least four new highrises that are either under construction or in the works, and even more rehab work being done. In terms of new restaurants, dozens of new restaurants have opened in the last 2 years. While St. Louis is not New York or San Francisco, it is coming out of its slump and is reforming its image to just be St. Louis. You should come back in a year or two and things will be even better.

Excellent. Come on, St. Louis, I am rooting for you.