Comment from Barrie Blake-Coleman 2005 Aug 14

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From: Barrie Blake-Coleman
Date: 2005 Aug 14
Subj: Telcan

Your correction from Mr Diel regarding the Telcan Home Video correction is actually wrong. I interviewed Norman Rutherford for an article on Telcan (see acatalog/EPE_online_catalog_2000_11.html ) back in 1999, both Telcan and Wesgrove were the same company and produced not only reel to reel TV mounted units but also separate pre-built and home-kit models. For a time they were reasonably successful. Wesgrove was a re-start-up after Telcan financial support dried up. Suggest you get article for full background.

Barrie Blake-Coleman

I really had mis-labeled that photo, and now we have the Telcan-Wesgrove timeline nailed down. I should publish more of my mistakes--I learn more this way. This "lazyweb" phenomenon works well.