Comment from Rob McEwan 2006 Jan 10

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From: Rob McEwan
Date: 2006 Jan 10
Subj: Great read


Sitting in my sunny flat (apartment) on top of a hill in South London (England) I found your site by accident and have just spent the past 3 hours reading. I should be working but you are far more entertaining. Great read, sorry you had some unfortunate episodes but it's all part of the experience. Next visit you should try Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham . I'd love to read more when you travel again.

Rob McEwan

The site hasn't been getting much mail recently. And this mail is so nice. I think I received more mail when my travelogs were more controversial. Maybe I should work up a New York travelog concentrating on "Which Borough is Better? Queens or Brooklyn?" I bet I could wring some mail out of that, you bet.