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From: Damon E Atchinson
Date: 2006 Jan 30
Subj: St. Louis history and the Union Power Bldg.

I liked your photos of St. Louis, I feel we have a similar interest in the city. I found your site through Google Image searches while looking for old photos of the St. Louis landing and steamships.

I arrived in the city in June of 2000 to restore my player piano in the old Buster Brown Shoe warehouse on Washington Ave. It's now been turned into something. The city museum was in the bottom of the building and I think they've taken over a few more floors. I was 18 then, just out of high school. I returned to Michigan to start and finish college. I also lived in St. Louis in the summer of 2001 for three months, working at the player piano shop again and living on Hartford St. in the old Tower Grove neighborhoods built between the 1870s and 1920s. Block after block are neat old brick city row houses. I now live in a 1910s 4-unit apartment building on Wyoming St., same neighborhood.

The reason I moved here was becuase I could buy some awesome old properties, cheap, and I hoped I could find a job that matched my skill level (I have a BA in economics), though that hasn't happened yet. I've been here since Sept. and I'm still looking. I work at the mall currently.

There are so many awesome sights in St. Louis you didn't see and so much more to know about the city. The Union Power and Light building you saw was built to provide electric power for the 1904 World's Fair in Forest Park and is still used today to generate power for some downtown buildings.

Didn't you see Union Station mall and hotel?

Damon - my website

Mr. Atchison says that we have a lot in common. However, I think he's more active than I am. He's accumulated a collection of old telephones. Then again, maybe I'm glad I don't collect old telephones. In theory, I have a storage space in the basement of my apartment building. However, the dishonest landlady recently discarded all of the tenants' stored items, changed the lock on the storage area, and and used the space to store a bunch of furniture. So if I'd spent years hunting down rare telephones, that time would have been wasted. I'm glad that Mr. Atchison plans to buy property; it's good to have a landlord you can trust.