Comment from Ian Tullis 2006 Apr 18

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From: Ian Tullis
Date: 2006 Apr 18
Subj: how did it go?

Hey, Larry,

Thanks for forwarding the Mystic Fish e-mail, and for honoring us with one of your great write-ups. I was glad to see that my reference to you in the hints didn't weird you out or anything (apparently Wei-Hwa wasn't particularly amused by the existence of a Wei-Hwa module in the Sudoku puzzle), and that you weren't too spooked by the state of our house (we thought of putting a simple puzzle on the ducks on our shower curtain that would have resolved to "SORRY OUR BATHROOM IS JANKY".)

It's also hilarious that you were the one who ended up getting the one Palm that was displaying the end location. I had literally just finished programming the master Palm, and in my sleep-deprived state, I said, "OK, we're about ready to start handing out Palms", which Darcy reasonably took as a signal to actually start handing out the other Palms, many of which were blank or had been used in playtesting or contained a silly fake Game that I had been using to amuse Darcy. (It was one puzzle long, and the answer was "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!", a reference to a Saturday Night Live skit that had been in vogue in our household. As we left that clue site, I was still worrying that some team might end up typing in AMBIDEXTROUSLY to no avail, give up in frustration, and then be told that the answer was actually "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!")

- Ian, for Get on a Ferry with Kerry (Darcy and I tried for like 10 minutes to come up with another one involving a real President, and our hat is off to you. I decided that it would have been too crass to invoke Get on a Steamer with Cleveland yet again.)

If you're wondering what their hat is off for: In some mail to the Taft on a Raft people, I called them the "Get on a Dahabia with Dubya" team. Uhm, a Dahabia is a kind of boat. It must be. I saw it on a page with other boat names like "Dandy" and "Djong" and "Dogbody" and "Dum". Do you think I could make those names up?