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From: ed moore
Date: 2006 Jun 15
Subj: Union Power & Light Building in St. Louis, old abandoned warehouses

Thank you for all your photos of old St. Louis. I stopped there on my return from Ohio June 9, 2006 as I too am quite curious about that old building. It is absolutely Gothic in appearance, dark and old and massive. I thank one of your readers, also, for the exact idenity and date of construction.

I then drove along the river to the north, along the rail line, and found a large area of abandoned warehouses. I stopped to explore, feeling a little out of place and vulnerable on foot after parking my shiny new 2007 Winnebago. But I chanced upon some friendly squatters, living inside an old rail warehouse, and they helped me finish off my remaining supply of Steel Reserve beer. It turns out they were harmless, and I was delighted to get a local history update from them.

I was somewhat amazed, however, to find that old industrial area in the about the same shape as when I lived there 37 years ago. If any readers to this site know any more about large old abandoned buildings in St. Louis, or other parts of the country, I would appreciate their input. Perhaps we could buy one, and retire in style on the river in an historic area full of flavor like old St. Louis!

Ed Moore

Note to self: When I retire and wander across this land, I should pack beer.