Comment from Ian Tullis 2006 Aug 2

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Ian Tullis sent in this comment.

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From: Ian Tullis
Date: 2006 Aug 2
Subj: Decathlon report

Hiya, Larry,

What I actually said at the Rose Garden was something like, "pay no attention to this time sheet", because I was sitting there recording arrival times. The Shinteki time sheet was highly inconsistent with my professed coincidental presence, so I thought I'd throw you off the trail, see.

I enjoyed the writeup, as always. I had even talked with Darcy about deliberately doing something wacky when you showed up, just so I would go down in the annals of Game history.

- Ian

Volunteering at a game is probably wacky enough to make it into one of my write-ups. That, and I need to know your name. Who was that guy at Indian Rock?