Comment from Suzette McGrand 2006 Sep 02

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From: Suzette McGrand
Date: 2006 Sep 02
Subj: Whereabouts is Heath?

Hey Larry,

Maybe we've met, maybe not.

I've met a number of Heath's friends over the couple of years that we pal'ed around but time is a whirlwind in the miasma and I only remember pieces of things.

Like parts of sentences, a span of floor between two shoes, the crookedness of teeth, a laugh not connected to a face, the bridge of a nose, the existence of a cat, the smell in a car.

And of course, Raymond and Peter.

Heath and I both listened to their rants repeatedly, like other people listened to their favorite bands.

We had each discovered Shut Up LM and indulged ourselves this way before we had even met.

We bonded over rancor and weirdness but I guess Heath touched many people in that way.

He touched them in other ways too I know, I remember the prof from Berkeley that he was touching for a while; I don't remember her name though.

Anyway, I've lost track of him over the years and I think of him often.

Do you still have contact with him?

What about the guy with the theremin?


Suzette McGrand

It's almost enough to make you go into hiding for a few years, just to find out how your friends would describe you.