Comment from Amy Hernandez 2006 Sep 03

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Amy Hernandez sent in this comment.

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From: Amy Hernandez
Date: 2006 Sep 03
Subj: J.Heath Putnam

I have an eerie feeling that J. Heath mentioned in your piece "Theremin Party" is the same Josh Putnam I'm trying to track down (very innocent, nostalgia ... not stalking). I knew him when he was a mere district as well, we met at Cloyne Court (UC Berkeley co-op housing at 2600 Ridge Road) in 1989 ("Twin Peaks", every week) and remained in touch until he moved to Austin quite some time ago. I have since crossed the country to and from New Orleans and lost touch. Any chance you'd have an e-mail address to which you could forward this message? Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated! By the way, I really enjoyed your website!

In total unfamiliarity and with trepidacious gratitude,

Amy Hernandez

Suddenly, J. "Heath" Putnam is very popular.