Comment from Philip Court 2006 Sep 22

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Philip Court sent in this comment.

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From: Philip Court
Date: 2006 Sep 22

Mr Laurence Hoskin Hi,

Quite by accident I happened across your "England Plus Paris" travel review. I found your reference to Tile Ovens, which you described as quite garish & awful. Perhaps you are not aware that they are in fact wood burning heat storage stoves, the original central heating unit. Yes, they may appear to lack some asthetic appeal to the uninformed, until you realise that with a tile oven and just one sackful of dry wood, you can heat your home for 24 hours. Therin lies the appeal of tile ovens. The ones you saw are probably over a century old. I have just had a modern type of heat storing stove fitted in my home and I never needed the oil fired heating on all through last winter. If you read this and would like to know more about these wonder stoves then feel free to email me at- [email address removed]

Kind regards
Mr Philip Court.

PS If you make your next trip to Germany or Austria or even to Finland, or Scandinavia you will find that tile ovens are big business you have to wait for a year or more to have one built in your home.

Is it possible to get a tile oven without the decorations? Given a choice between letting that oven into my apartment and freezing to death... I'd have to think about it.