Comment from Darcy Krasne 2006 Nov 10

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From: Darcy Krasne
Date: 2006 Nov 10
Subj: Hogwarts writeup

I've been reading through your Hogwarts writeup -- ever so fun, as usual. A few things that I wanted to comment on:

Team Lowkey really does have a Real Graphic Designer. Jen, one of their members, is a Real Artist. Hence their awesome coat of arms. :)

You think we didn't find any appropriate Weasley fanfiction? Well, we were actually looking for fanart, and we found *lots* of it. But we decided at the last minute that it was just possible that some people might have more delicate sensibilities than the two of us, and then Ian also got worried about the fact that, technically, it might constitute child porn. Despite the fact that he'd plastered dour faces of Queen Victoria over all the naughty bits. So no calling cards. ;)

Err, there might be other things, but I need to go to sleep now instead of continuing to read.

You kids keep your pants on or someone might see your Victoriae!