Comment from Dave Hill 2007 May 28

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From: Dave Hill
Date: 2007 May 28
Subj: dishwasher pete


i was perusing your site and saw your anecdote about dishwasher pete. i have one of my own....

in high school i met dishwasher pete on the streets of hot springs, arkansas. he was in town looking for work. we hung out all day long, walking around town (i had no car) and showing him the coolest kitschy tourist attractions of my sleepy little town. i invited him to stay with my family. he agreed. he stayed in our basement for a few weeks while he washed dishes at a place called granny's kitchen downtown. my parents were fascinated by him, but also concerned that their 15 year old son brought home a 40 year old professional dishwasher and was so enamored of him.

i felt vindicated months later when i heard pete was going to be on david letterman. i told my parents and we gathered around the televison set the night of his appearance. finally my parents would see that we had invited a truly great man into our home.

well, you may already know how this story ends if you saw it, but pete didn't go on. he had the singer from the odd numbers go on in his place, posing to be him. he pulled some stunt about how he had washed so many dishes he had no feeling in his hands and he lit his hands on fire. my parents got freaked out and figured we had a pete impersonator staying in our house. i had to wait for the next issue of dishwasher to come out to prove to them that we had indeed put up the real deal.

I read about great adventures; Dave Hill lives them.