Comment from My Mom 2007 Aug 12

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From: My Mom
Date: 2007 Aug 12

Interesting timing: While you were writing about labor leaders young people never heard of, I was at a memorial for a woman who used to be in my literature class. Norman Leonard, her lawyer husband, defended Harry Bridges. Marjorie was also a lawyer and helped in the defense of labor leaders and later draft resisters during the Vietnam war. There was a fellow from the ILWU who came to the memorial and said that it would not be fitting if that union did not pay respects to all the Leonards did although the younger members didn't realize how much they owed to them.

A group of left-thinking friends walk at Fort Point and talk together still, but their numbers are dwindling. You can check out the sfgate obit Marjorie Leonard. (7/28) And concerning your book review, she was born in Brooklyn. Two other gals who were there and raised in N.Y. tell me that anyone going to college then had to take elocution lessons to lose the Brooklyn accent. Some of the "Fort Point Gang" of walkers were veterans of the Spanish Civil War Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

Jerry enjoyed your puzzle