Comment from Michael Kearney 2007 Sep 04

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From: Michael Kearney
Date: 2007 Sep 04
Subj: Crazy College Trivia Teams

Hey Larry, Michael Kearney here, from the Silly Hat Brigade. Those college quizbowlers aren't just college-age, you know. There are certain events that let anybody in, regardless of affiliation. Most of them are all pop culture tournaments, which are a hell of a lot of fun, and ot nearly as competitive. I'm pretty sure Stanford runs several of them each year. Go get a team together and try one out!

Michael K, from the officially second best TRASH(pop-culture quizbowl) team in the nation.

Some things you want to read about but you don't want to participate in. Into Thin Air springs to mind. I wrote back saying that I didn't know enough about TV/Movies to appreciate a pop culture contest, and he said:

Heh. Actually, LOLcats, peanut butter jelly time, star wars kid, all sorts of internet memes pop up all the time at these tournaments.

You'd be surprised at how much you find that you know, and how much stuff that you thought only YOU had ever heard of.

They always like spectators, too.

Some quick internet research suggests that they don't want spectators enough to post clear announcements about where/when those spectators should go. But maybe that's because there weren't any such contests coming up right at the moment. Anyhow.