Comment from Michael Röhrs-Sperber 2007 Nov 11

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From: Michael Röhrs-Sperber
Date: 2007 Nov 11
Subj: questions about geos and nokia 9000 by a german journalist

Dear Mr. Hosken,

I'm a german journalist, who's writing an article about the nokia 9000. I'm stuck with the programmable facilities of the 9000. From Nokia I got no information.

When I read it correctly, you could install new applications on the 9000, which are programmend in C under Geos. Is this right? And how does the 9000 customer get these applications? Via PC or was it possible, to download them via Internet (in a very low speed, I know). And did the 9000 had this possibilities right from the beginning (that means in early March 1996, when it was announced on the Cebit 1996), or did he "learn" this later by an update?

Which applications were available in March 1996 for the 9000? Do you still have these applications somewhere on your harddisk and can send me a copy?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen von der Elbe

Michael Röhrs-Sperber

It's amazing how much I can forget about these topics.