Comment from Alicia McGinley 2008 Mar 26

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Alicia McGinley sent in this comment.

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From: Alicia McGinley
Date: 2008 Mar 26
Subj: Your "Travels"

I happened to come across your travels from St. Malo to England when I was googling some info about "adio" and its usage.

I just loved your little journal. Very sophisticated in its distancing and wry tone. The voice captures immediately. I clicked on "home" at the bottom thinking I would find that you were some terribly well-thought of author. Well, you could be. That selection is like the beginning of a novel which could either lead back to the circumstances that lead you to France, or forward to reveal how that slip-up on the visa affected your life in Britain, etc. etc.

I simply cannot check out the rest of your site right now. I'm sure it's fun, but kudos for such delightful writing under Travels. I'll check back again. Alicia

It was nice of her not to make fun of the typos, wasn't it?