Comment from Anna Morris 2010 Mar 17

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Anna Morris sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: Anna Morris
Date: 2010 Mar 17
Subj: Thanks from MTV- Update for your site


Thank you for providing an MTV link on the following page of your site:

We really appreciate the support. I have a few questions and would like to get in touch with someone regarding the information on your site. Can you let me know who is responsible for adding resources and updates to your site? Thank you for your time!

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Anna Morris
Content Specialist

I wrote back to Anna:

Howdy Anna,

What's the problem?

The next day, she replied:

Hi Larry,

Thanks for getting back to me. We appreciate the support and we recently upgraded a few of our pages and we were hoping that you would be able to include them on your site as well.

I can send along the link details if you are interested.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Anna Morris Content Specialist

I wrote back:
That could be good. What did you have in mind? I read in the news today that Viacom hired marketing firms to put copyrighted content onto a web site and then sued that web site: Anna, you seem like a nice person. I trust you. Can I get some statement from Viacom that they won't sue me for displaying whatever link details we're talking about here? -Larry Hosken
I never heard back from Anna.