Comment from Chris Dunphy 2011 Mar 27

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Chris Dunphy sent in this comment.

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From: Chris Dunphy
Date: 2011 Mar 27
Subj: Gardiner, MO

Catching up on your cool travelogue, I noticed a bug in your state labeling:

"Gardiner, MO ... I'm not one of those people who seriously keeps track of which 50 states he's visited but nevertheless: Montana, check."

MO = Missouri. MT = Montana.


 - Chris

PS: I am eager to make it back to SF so that I can try the 2tone game. I love the idea of having a "game on demand" that I can use to introduce new people to the joys of it all. :-)

Of course, Chris has crossed the USA so many times in his Technomadic adventures that he probably doesn't notice state line-crossings anymore unless he's driving backwards while playing the bagpipes.