Comment from Philip Hosken 2014 Dec 27

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Philip Hosken sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: Philip Hosken
Date: 2014 Dec 27
Subj: Hosken test

Hi Larry (or is it Wallis?)

Good to make contact. Have we been in touch before? I was in CA last year.

I am eventually beginning to write the Hosken, Trevithick, Polkinhorn & Co Ltd (HTP for short) history and was browsing around the web when I came across your post. Pre-HTP one company was W Hosken & Son, millers at Loggans, Hayle. He was (I believe) a cousin to the William Hosken who went to S Africa. That might be a good starting place.

I believe a son of William in SA returned to Hayle and tried a number of unsuccessful enterprises.

I haven't a good family tree but gather from a Christmas card from Ruth Ranger (nee Hosken), a distant cousin, that Jimmy James, another distant cousin, has re-started his work on one. Do you have a bit from your end that could be offered as an addition?

My g/grandfather was a brother to the William at Loggans and so a cousin to the SA William. I have a William g/son and his brother James Hosken in VA.

Just to add to the present confusion, I also came across this near your post:

Ian Hosken
You mention "My father Leonard Hosken was born in Hayle Cornwall England." and "Is anyone reading this related to William Hosken who emigrated to South Africa in 1874?He was my Great Grandfather's brother". Unless I am mistaken, based upon knowledge of my research, I am indirectly related to the William Hosken through a brother whose decendants migrated to Australia, where I live. Ian Hosken
I guess I don't know how to make it clear which words on this web site are mine and which ones are written by other people. Oh well.

You may already know about this guy.

I'm copying this to my son Treve in VA.

Wishing you a Happy and Interesting 2015

Philip Marrack Hosken (1935- )