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Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans 2007 Nov 9 Pier 86 info


While in Seattle a couple of days ago, I came across the Pier 86 grain elevator (in the process of loading a ship). It seems that the same sign that you read is still there. Aside from its apparently being 8 years out of date now, the thing that puzzled me was the bit about having loaded a record of just under two million TONS in the previous year and having teh capability of being expanded to a capcity of 4.5 million BUSHELS. 2 million tons is already a lot more than 4.5 million bushels. Is one the conveyor capacity per year, while the other is storage capacity? Inquiring minds want to know, so, on returning home, I googled "Cargill Terminal Seattle" and found your wedsite. It doesn't answer my basic question, but did provide some additonal information and was very interesting. Thanks for takign the time and effort to put up that website.


Hmm. Maybe they were metric bushels? No, wait, that doesn't make any sense.

Matt Armstrong 2005 Jan 22 Seattle Trip 2003

Hey Larry, just read your account of your Seattle trip up in 2003. I am absolutely certain that if you ever visit Kirkland again we could find someplace better to eat. Now I have to run. Seems Eli, who was barely walking when you visited in 2003, still poops in the bath tub once in a while. Fortunately, he now describes these events with a half intelligible "Daddy I go poop in da batdub" and gets out of the tub on his own, instead of playing in it until I notice. We call it progress.

He was just trying to make me lose my appetite so that I wouldn't follow up on his restaurant offer.

Cedric Krumbein 2003 Sep 04 Splorktap

Just read your online story about your June visit to Seattle. I had completely forgotten about the name "Splorktap". Should we have named Paul that? It would've been more distinctive.

Paul had a lot of colic recently, but other than that he's doing great. Despite the colic, Nancy is enjoying her maternity leave. In October she flies down to San Luis Obispo to give her mother another dose of grandmothering. (Have you ever seen grandmothering in action? Charlotte spent a week with us helping out just after Paul was born. She was invaluable! At the end of the week, it was so difficult for her to separate herself from Paul that she sniffled all the way to the airport.)

You've visited Seattle how many times and you don't know about the Kalakala? Check out

Apparently, the Kalakala was one of the first electrically-welded ships. I bet Margaret Sondey knows about it.

Nate 2003 Sep 01 Pier 86 Master Console Pictures


I came across your site and thought you'd enjoy these pictures I took in Jan. 1986.

Best regards,

I enjoyed these pictures very much indeed. And when I asked for permission to post them, Nate sent me even more:

Hi Larry,

Here's three more shots, one from the dock, a view of the gallery from the top of the Head House and one from Magnolia Hill. I know I have several more around here somewhere, I'll pass them on when I locate them. If you have any questions about the elevator, I'd be happy to answer them.


My Mom 2003 Jul 31 The latest

I discovered that you had posted your Seattle trip and started to read...

Is Sidney Harbor in Victoria? I remember those flower holders from there I think. It was maybe 30 years ago.

Sidney Harbor isn't in Victoria, but it's nearby.

We have seen fish hoses. I don't know if you were with us when we visited Standard Fisheries. Before we planted the asparagus, we went to their fish cleaning operation. we brought buckets, a baby bathtub, and other containers and they were willing to let us load up on their garbage: fish bones they had after filleting fresh fish for market. I had read about the Indians planting fish under their corn. I figured it would also be good for asparagus. Standard Fisheries has long since gone. Anyway there were hoses at about eye level for the people doing the filleting. They wore rubber gloves and had sharp knives. The fillets go in one container and the not-wanted parts go into large plastic garbage cans. The hoses are covered with what slop is on the hands of the workers. Everything is wet. We may have gone back for another load. Great recycling no? ...

Standard Fisheries at San Francisco? My acronym sense is tingling.

Adam de Boor 2002 Jan 14 Thatcher details

Hey Larry,

in case you missed it, there's an interesting article in Business Week Online from August 6 of last year that goes into some interesting detail. I keep looking for news of the asshole getting indicted, but it seems the world doesn't work that way.


I asked the world for the nitty gritty on Thatcher, and Adam gave me exactly what I wanted.

Now I ask the world for news of Thatcher changing his ways, walking the earth, and righting wrongs wherever he finds them.

And then, about a month later, Morgan had the link to an article headlined "Former Critical Path Pres Pleads Guilty to Fraud".

Loki 2001 Dec 08 odd

looking for a reference to the blade runner quote concerning attack ships on fire, which i was using as a sample on this past summer tour with ohGr ( ), i instead came across the revCo reference on your web site.. then i navigated to the home page -- saw your picture, thought 'hmmm, i recognize him - isn't that the guy living a couple door down the hallway?', then my eyes did the big 7 degree shift and saw the address to confirm..

odd.. wouldn't have thought you'd heard of revCo... (though the wife apparently would have (though she also thought you worked at ucsf: net score == 0))...

anyway, bored some time? we should chat about nothing, or commonality.

(the one wearing the arctic parka or the kmfdm parka)

When people ask me about where I live, I say that it's a tiny apartment in a building full of med students. But apparently they're not all med students: there's this Loki computer-geek-industrial-musician guy. Does this mean I have to stop talking about the times I've seen "Anaethesia and Analgesia Monthly" and catalogs promising "The Latest in Catheters" down in the mailroom?

Leonard F. Reuter 2001 Feb 08 Thatcher

Stumbled across your website looking for dirt on David Thatcher. What do you think about the Critical Path fiasco? Do you think it possible that Thatcher could have been part of a deliberate misrepresentation of earnings? I know you would have no real knowledge, I just wanted to know if this was the kind of thing he might be capable of based on your experience with him at Geoworks.

A few years later, Jon pointed me at this article: Former execs of SF's Critical Path software company sentenced

The gist: David Thatcher pled guilty to conspiring to commit securities fraud by lying about Critical Path's revenues a while back. On January 14, 2004, he was sentenced to a year in prison.

Paul Du Bois 2000 Sep 13 ice caves, edmonds

a new friend of mine did some mild web-stalking on me and said she found pictures i had taken. Something about ice caves. I said yup, sounds like me all right and checked it out. I'd forgotten you'd scanned those in! They look better than I remember.

Thank you for serving as a backup memory system. I'd forgotten about much of that trip.

To repay your kindness I will point out a possible error in your text. I've heard writers like that a lot. Kyle Baker says so at the back of Why I Hate Saturn.

> this end of Queen Anne Street was full of sitdowny restaurants
> whose clientele looked to care more about fashion than palette.

Palate? Or perhaps this was a subtle comment on a hip new fashion trend of focusing on form to the exclusion of chroma?


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