Los Angeles: June 2008

I went to Los Angeles for a week with my parents. We visited some museums. We visited my cousin Kim, who worked as a designer at KAA. They'd recently designed a new bench which was pleasantly proportioned and looked like it had some handy storage. But I didn't take photos of that. Kim also got us to visit an up-and-coming neighborhood in Culver City. I didn't take photos of that, either. We went to a bunch of museums. I took photos at museums.

Getty Villa: Gardens
Getty Villa: Gardens The Getty Villa has plenty of classical art but also some pretty gardens. One large garden was surrounded by a covered walkway.
Getty Villa: Courtyard
Getty Villa: Courtyard This small courtyard at the Getty Villa provided a fine place to sit down and spend some quality time hunched over one's personal electronics.
Getty Center: Tram Station
Getty Center: Tram Station To reach the Getty Center (and its art), tourists can ride a little tram, entered via a little tram station.
Getty Center: Gardens
Getty Center: Gardens The Getty Center, in addition to its indoor art, has plenty of gardens, themselves featuring a twisty bridge, planters made of rebar, and stranger things.
Getty Center: Walkway
Getty Center: Walkway The Getty Center's art is spread amongst multiple buildings. Moving between exhibits might mean going outside.
LACMA Courtyard
LACMA Courtyard A few exhibits at LACMA were closed, but there were enough open to keep us busy for most of a day.
LACMA Contemporary Building
LACMA Contemporary Building There was a relatively new building holding contemporary art.
Disney Concert Hall
Disney Concert Hall You might recall that a few years before, I'd seen some construction which was shaping up into Gehry's Disney Concert Hall. Now we could see the finished building.
Museum of Contemporary Art
Museum of Contemporary Art We visited the MOCA, the MOCA Geffen, and the MOCA Pacific Design Center--except that last one wasn't actually showing anything at the time. I guess we should have called ahead.


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