San Francisco (and Environs): Fort Baker Oct 2003

[Photo: Into Marin] I walked to Marin County via the Golden Gate Bridge. When I got to the North side, I noticed that the way down from the overlook to Sausalito was now open. I could walk to Sausalito without walking out into traffic or squeezing along the side of a narrow tunnel.
[Photo: I Can't See My Apartment From Here] But instead of walking to Sausalito, I got curious by a sidetrack to Fort Baker. There's a coast guard station there, and a fun-looking pay-to-play area for kids.
[Photo: What's Going On Over There?] There was a commotion in the parking lot and...
[Photo: Santarchy] ...Santa Claus came running over from the parking lot, with someone (perhaps a member of the coast guard) in pursuit. Later on, I saw these two sitting together with some other folks. Santa said, "...and then there was this guy here, taking my picture. You going to show that to your friends when you talk about your travels?" And I said, "Well yeah. This kind of thing happens all the time around here, right?" "Yup." "I'll tell everyone that." Hey, everyone: Santarchy reigns in Fort Baker year-round.
[Photo: Rocks, Bridge] According to a plaque on a rock, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Seto Ohashi Bridge are sister bridges. When I learned that, I was absurdly pleased to have been on both.
[Photo: View from Battery Yates] St. Ives reminded Bill Bryson of Sausalito, perhaps because both had pretty cliffs. Fort Baker reminded me of Porthcurno, because both had big signs warning of undersea cables. I didn't keep any photos of Fort Baker's signs, but did keep this photo of the cliffs. If they weren't there, you could see Sausalito.
[Photo: Rent Meal] You can not own a meal, you can only rent it. And no-one wants it back when you're done with it.
[Photo: Scenic Overlook] Tourists are prevented from storming Fort Baker (not pictured, below) by those poisonous green sticks.


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