San Francisco (and Environs): Tomales Point Dec 2003

On December 7, 2003, some of my high school chums went for a hike at Tomales Point. There were elk and storms and pretty cliffs. I took some photos.

(Arlene took better photos.)

[Photo: Steven and Reggie] Steven Pitsenbarger and Reggie Mananquil wait for the slowpokes to catch up.
[Photo: Ray and Reggie] Ray Choi and Reggie Mananquil peek out over the top of a cliff as a storm washes over us.
[Photo: Cascade of Photography] I forget what Arlene was taking a photo of. Maybe it was some of the starfish or anenomes in the tidepools. Maybe it was waves crashing on rocks. Maybe it was the coast guard boat. Anyhow, Steven took a photo of her. And I took a photo of him.
[Photo: Ready for Anything] After the storm blew over, we watched the skies to figure out if more rain would hit us. There was more rain, but it passed by to the West.
[Photo: Sandstone Cliff] I really just wanted a photo of the cliff, but everyone posed so nicely. This is a stitched-together panorama. Sorry about that.
[Photo: Back] We hurried back to the parking lot, getting there just as darkness fell. Yes, it's another stitched-together panorama. Sorry about that.


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