Seattle 07: Pier 86 Grain Terminal

In 2007, I took yet more photos of Seattle's Pier 86 Grain Terminal.

[Photo; Assistance] [Photo; From By That Scaffolding] [Photo; Dude with Hardhat] [Photo; Fall Colors, Rooftop Satellite Dishes] [Photo; Beside Amgen] [Photo; From the Helix Bridge] [Photo; From Overpass] [Photo; Rock Wall] [Photo; From the Space Needle] [Photo; From the Helix Bridge with a big X] [Photo; Macro] [Photo; Loading] [Photo; Path to Bridge] [Photo; PI Globe Reflection] [Photo; Myrtle Park Rose Garden] [Photo; Sniny Robomoose] [Photo; Weathervane] [Photo; Elevator Tower]


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