Austin 2015: DASH 7

On May 30 2015, I site-volunteered for DASH 7 in Austin. GC was Kenzie Day, Neal Tibrewala, Kimmy McCormack, Dylan Meyer, Joel Lunsford, Kaitie Hilburn, Eric Petersen, Robert, and me. It was a lot of fun!

The weather was a source of drama through the day. The weather prediction said that rain would start about an hour into the hunt. By the time the hunt started, the predicted rain had been pushed back a few hours. And the prediction kept getting pushed back. Late in the afternoon, it finally started raining.

(I did other things in Austin, too. Anyhow.)

When I asked Kenzie how she got into DASH, she said that she'd gone to Caltech and thus experienced Ditch Day. She'd started playing DASH and Puzzled Pint. She'd come from Caltech to Austin; she worked and lived with a bunch of geologists which made up the bulk of Austin GC. (Since then, I've read good things about Caltech's seismologists from a 2-Tone Game playtester, so maybe that's impressive.) They'd run Codeword, an event in Austin, in 2014. Not all of these geologists were into puzzles; but some of them that hadn't been were nowadays enjoying the occasional Puzzled Pint. Neal wasn't a geologist; he was a computer consultant, and thus had a kind of smarts that I could understand. But even with all of the geologists, Austin GC was easy to get along with, a chill bunch of folks.

Anyhow, photos.

At the Start

Teams gathered, filled out waivers, picked up puzzles, listened to an explanatory speech, and started solving.

[photo: Start] [photo: Start: GC Conference] [photo: Start: Waiting] [photo: Start: GC Prep] [photo: Start: GC Prep] [photo: Start] [photo: Start] [photo: Start] [photo: Start] [photo: Start] [photo: Briefing] [photo: Briefing] [photo: Briefing] [photo: Briefing]

At the Quidditch Station

Different cities had different quidditch activities. In Austin, we had teams ride a broomstick, fetch a snitch, and carry the snitch a ways in a plastic spoon.

[photo: GCHQ aka the Quidditch Station aka Student Union] [photo: GC Quidditch Test Run] [photo: GC Quidditch Test Run] [photo: GC Quidditch Set Up] [photo: GC Downtime] [photo: Wee Baby Shamus] [photo: Neal Explains Quidditch] [photo: Wee Baby Shamus] [photo: Snitch Poking] [photo: Snitch Transit] [photo: Enter the Start Code Now!]

Tea Leaves

I was a site monitor, and this is the site I monitored: the Tea Leaves puzzle, in front of the Ransom Center.

[photo: Wee Baby Shamus Arrives at Tea Leaves] [photo: Wee Baby Shamus Reads Tea Leaves] [photo: Austin Gentlemen Callers Reads Tea Leaves] [photo: Missing Cow-ch Reads Tea Leaves] [photo: Natural 20s Reads Tea Leaves] [photo: Everybody is Heads Down] [photo: Austin Gentlemen Callers] [photo: Missing Cow-ch] [photo: Arriving at the Tea Leaves puzzle] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves] [photo: Arriving at Tea Leaves] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves] [photo: Arriving at Tea Leaves] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves] [photo: Wingardium Puzzliosa Reads Tea Leaves] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves] [photo: Alright Alright Alright] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves] [photo: Kenzie has Two Thumbs] [photo: Arriving at Tea Leaves] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves] [photo: Squirrel!] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves] [photo: Reading Tea Leaves]


My next stop was at GC HQ, which had moved to where teams were solving the Meta. That didn't last long, though. Rain was immanent, so we soon pulled up stakes and moved everybody to the end location.

[photo: Wee Baby Shamus vs the Meta] [photo: Solving the Meta] [photo: GC HQ] [photo: Missing Cow-ch vs the Meta] [photo: Packing up GC HQ] [photo: Missing Cow-ch vs the Meta]


When the rain started, we moved everybody to the end party location, Austin's Pizza. Teams kept solving until around 5:30 when it was time to congratulate winners.

[photo: Missing Cow-ch at Austins Pizza] [photo: Meta] [photo: Natural 20s] [photo: Alright Alright Alright] [photo: Solving] [photo: Nurikabe] [photo: Solving] [photo: Nurikabe] [photo: Nurikabe] [photo: Solving] [photo: GC HQ] [photo: Nurikabe] [photo: Meta] [photo: Solving] [photo: Meta] [photo: Solving] [photo: Tiles] [photo: Meta] [photo: Debriefing] [photo: Alright Alright Alright] [photo: Wee Baby Champs]


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