Departures: Tahoe Robot Labs

In April of 2002, I headed up to Tahoe with some friends. All of the geeks rode up in one vehicle. Along the way, the geeks stopped at Sacramento Fry's and picked up some important things. We also took the Dutch Flat offramp to look at a rattling vehicle-part. Not many people know what's on the Dutch Flat off-ramp: it's a truck stop! (And there's also a road to Historic Dutch Flat.) Here's a stitched-together panorama of the Dutch Flat truck stop. Now you know what it looks like.

[Photo-stitch: Dutch Flat truck stop]

Once up in Tahoe, the geeks mostly didn't go outside. Kiem snowboarded for a few hours and Tom went for a walk and that was pretty much it. The rest of the time, we played with Kiem's robots. I can't speak for Tom nor Paul, but this was my first chance to play with robots since Big Trak.

[Photo: software hacking, talking hardware improvements]

[Photo: Kiem explains a walker]

[Photo: Kiem nods off]
I think the robot newbies wore Kiem out with questions. Sorry about that.


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