Lawrence Hosken: Departures: Washimore Wander

In 1995, I went on a trip with my parents to visit a couple of friends of the family. Along the way, I got to see a bit of Hagerstown, Maryland and Shepherdstown, West Virginia. I played with a Curta calculator. I learned a bit about the social makeup of this mountain community. I wrote a letter about it. I don't know that this letter is so interesting, but where else will you get a chance to read about the intellectual hangouts around Shepherd College of Shepherdstown (as of 1995)?

  1. Introduction. Travel. Acquiring food in Alexandria, VA.
  2. George Washington Masonic Memorial. Learning the Curta calculator without instructions.
  3. Hagerstown history.
  4. The people of Hagerstown. A short history of submarine surveillance.
  5. Shepherdstown.
  6. Playing tourist in Dumbarton Oaks (Georgetown) and Washington, D.C.

Not much happened. Don't ask me why I wrote so much.