Departures: new york 2011: Roosevelt Island

Sunday morning, I walked around Central Park with Brett Rogers, looking at potential puzzle sites. The last site was a few blocks from the park: a little plaza behind a big candy store. When we were done, Brett kindly asked if I knew how to get to where I was going next; I said sure, because I wasn't sure where that was. But I was sure something would turn up.

I went around a corner and saw some people walking up a strange exterior stairway. I looked up and saw that I was at the base of a short tower; at the top of the tower, cables extended across the sky. I was next to the Roosevelt Island tram. This was obviously a sign that I should visit Roosevelt Island.

Most of the south part of the island was taken up with Coler Goldwater hospital. Off the island coast to the east were some buoys marking underwater power-generation turbines, put there by Verdant Power. Across the east river, a mysterious facility had some neat-looking conveyors.


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