Lawrence Hosken: Departures: Celestial Navigation

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In August of 1999, I went sailing. I went on a ship aboard the schooner Adventuress along with many other members of the Sierra Club. While Sound Experience, the organization that runs the Adventuress, did a great job, I learned to loathe my fellow passengers--not all of them, but enough.


Part Zero
NAVSAT, Internal Landmarks, GPS, Southern Stars
Part One
Map, Celestial, Celestial Watch, Graph
Part Two
Graph with BSP, Sonic Navigation And Ranging, Celestial Navigation
Part Three
Navigation of Obstacles, Following Sirius, Hazards of Celestial Navigation


While I was writing this travelogue, I got distracted for a couple of months. When I recovered from the distraction, I had lost my notes. Thus, I'm pretty sketchy on a lot of the details of this voyage.