2 Tone Game: About

The 2 Tone Game consists of some activities. These activities are puzzles, codes, or stranger things. If you're used to the Bay Area Night Game; this will feel quite familiar. If you're not used to B.A.N.G., you might start with Octothorpean. You "solve" each activity to find a solution: a word, name, or phrase. When you enter that activity's solution word, you "unlock" more activities.

Some of these activities, you can solve wherever you are.
Some of these activities only make sense at certain places in San Francisco.
Altogether, there are about a dozen activities.

This game is inspired by the 2 Tone Records record label, especially its checkered logo. 2 Tone Records does not endorse this game, nor is it associated with this game. The only connection between this game and 2 Tone Records is that one of the game's authors is a fan. You don't need to know about 2 Tone Records to complete this game, but you're missing out if you've never heard anything by, say, The Beat.

Know some codes:

Know some puzzles:

As you play the game...

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