Photos: Berkeley October 2002

Back in October of 2002, I took some photos of some favorite sights in Berkeley.

[Photo] I lived in this apartment building until John Park, the landlord, raised my rent in the middle of a year-long lease. (If that sounds strange, it is; he was unclear on the fundamentals of contract law.) When he raised the rent, by law our agreement became month-to-month. At the same time, I didn't want to live in a place whose landlord thought it was okay to raise the rent mid-lease. So I moved. This was c. 1992.
[Photo] It's an amphibious vehicle, looking very industrial on Murray Street.
[Photo] Spooky art on Murray Street. It's like that Ghost Rider from the comic books, only his head isn't on fire and he's embedded in cement and it's not a comic book.
[Photo] Here's the house I rented with Bryan, Hans, and Mason in which we weathered the 1989 earthquake. Now it has a fence. I'm not sure if the new owners put that up. Or maybe it was the neighbors installing it to make sure that we didn't try to move back into their neighborhood.
[Photo] The Hygenic Dog Food company might be Berkeley's answer to the Stop Casting Porosity sign. The phrase "Hygenic Dog Food" sticks in the brain and won't let go. You ponder its meaning. What does this say about other dog foods?
[Photo] The back of the Hygenic Dog Food building. It looks kind of like someone's living up on the second floor. I can't imagine what it would be like to say "I live in the Hygenic Dog Food Building". Probably that would be just about the coolest thing ever. Except that the place looks kind of run down.
[Photo] The former offices of Infinite Machine, the now-defunct company where I worked during their pre-defunct stage.
[Photo] Juan's place is a most excellent restaurant. Maybe the best thing about Infinite Machine was that it was just a block from Juan's. Unfortunately, by the time I started working at Infinite Machine, most people were pretty tired of Juan's. No accounting for tastes.
[Photo] I lived in this house c. 1995. At the time it was painted a peeling paint, and looked like a cruise ship gone awry. I rented that house along with Jimmy, Ron, Paul, and Rob Locke.
[Photo] I like this gate at the Temple of Wings up in the Berkeley hills. I like this gate because it's not in the middle of a fence or a wall or anything. It's just a free-standing gate.
[Photo] This boat lives up in the Berkeley Hills, about as far away from the bay as you can be while still in Berkeley.


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