Photos: San Francisco February 2003

In February of 2003, I found myself with some free time after I'd been working like a dog for a month. So I took some photos.

[Photo: Power Pole and Blossoms] February is one of my favorite times of the year. The trees start blossoming. E.g., this tree on the outskirts of the Forest Hill neighborhood.
[Photo: CCSF Antennae] Up until his retirement, my dad worked at CCSF. There are some strange things there, like these antenna dishes perched where anyone could mess with them. There are other strange things at CCSF, but my camera ran out of batteries before I could take photos of them.
[Photo: Conservatory Restoration] The Park is restoring the conservatory of flowers. I hope they finish soon. The construction is blocking a shortcut between my apartment and my parents' house.
[Photo: Conservatory Restoration] It looks like the Park had to do a lot to restore the conservatory.
[Photo: Japanese Tea Garden Entry Gate] I found out that admission is free to the Japanese Tea Garden if you get there really early in the morning.
[Photo: Japanese Tea Garden Magnolia-Looking Shrub] I hadn't been to the Japanese Tea Garden in years. I kept meaning to go. It seemed like I should compare it to gardens that I'd seen in Japan.
[Photo: Japanese Tea Garden Moon Bridge and Ladder] I don't remember seeing any aluminum ladders in public Japanese gardens.
[Photo: Japanese Tea Garden Koi Pond Out Back] I don't remember seeing palm fronds in any Japanese gardens. However, this garden was like real Japanese Gardens in that I was able to avoid the jostling crowd by getting there absurdly early in the morning.
[Photo: CNY: Peter and Ray] I watched the Chinese New Year's parade with some of my high school chums. There's Peter and Ray. You might think that Ray's camera is bigger than his head, but that's not quite true.
[Photo: CNY: Ray and Steven] Ray and Steven show off our primo porta-potty access at the Chinese New Year parade. If the rain had come down much harder, maybe we would have sought shelter within.
[Photo: CNY: Stepladder] This guy was ready for some serious videotaping of the Chinese New Year parade. He brought a stepladder so that he could see over the crowd. Once the rain started, there wasn't much of a crowd, though.
[Photo: CNY: Rain] Yes, there was the traditional rain at the Chinese New Year parade. Fortunately, my friends had come prepared with waterproof coats and umbrellas.
[Photo: CNY: Ray Choi took this photo of Pete, me, Steven, and Arlene] Ray Choi took this photo, documenting what we look like in the rain.
[Photo: CNY: Rain on Dragons] Yes, there was the traditional rain at the Chinese New Year parade. Fortunately, most of the dragons came equipped with dragon-sized plastic bags to keep the rain off.
[Photo: Edgewood Lane: Blossom] Close to UCSF, there's a hidden street called Edgewood Lane. It's a good place to find blossoms.
[Photo: Edgewood Lane: Blossoms] Edgewood Lane has blossoms and some pretty houses. I suppose that it's full of UCSF doctors.
[Photo: Farnsworth Lane Steps] One way to reach Edgewood Lane is by climbing the Farnsworth Steps. It's certainly a pretty way to get there.


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