Photos: Machinery and Equpment August 2003

[Photo: Sign] One weekend, I went to look at the Machinery and Equipment Corporation yard in Brisbane, California.
[Photo: Bridges] I was commuting down the peninsula a few days a week, riding the train. For the most part, there wasn't much to see.
[Photo: Lagoon] In Brisbane, there were things to see. There was a lagoon.
[Photo: Looking Like Droids] There was a big yard full of used factory equipment. I wanted to see it close up.
[Photo: Camera] I went to see the Machinery and Equipment Corporation yard, and I brought my camera.
[Photo: Tanks and Fence] Most of the machinery was fenced in, but some of it was sprawled outside.
[Photo: California Pellet Mill Logo] Some of the machines had interesting logos.
[Photo: Falk!] Some of the machines made no sense.
[Photo: Covered Conveyor Belt] There was even a portable covered conveyor belt with a silly name.
[Photo: Pipe] There were weeds. There was a grassy hillside. There were mysterious pipes.
[Photo: Danger Do Not Put Hands Into Bowl Until Paddle Stops] That's always good advice.
[Photo: Tank] This place had everything.
[Photo: Timer or Something] There were mysterious control systems.
[Photo: Shiny] Some of the equipment, in the fenced in lot still looked shiny and useful.
[Photo: Weeds] Most of the machines were old and forgotten. The weeds poked through.


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