Japanese Music: Pez Stomp

From the "Who asked You?" Department, it's my opinion of Pez Stomp.

What I've heard:
"Pez Addiction" (album, School Bus)
"Cheap Smile" (song, collected in "Pop to the Poptune 2", Pool Side)
"Right Hands of All Children" (single, School Bus)
"Pez Bacchanal" (album, School Bus)
Gross Generalization:
Poppy-sounding ska/punk
As of this writing, Pez Stomp are my favorite ska/punk band in Japan. You must love their stuff. They work some interesting beat variations into their songs. They play fast. The singer can sing, and can sing fast. She even did some dub in the song "Jaiken" (sp?).
Some of their songs are in Japanese. As of 2003 (on Pez Bacchanal), the singing was getting less quack-y and more music-y. And from some of the guitar work, it sounded like these kids were getting good with their instruments.


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