Japanese Music: Shonen Knife

From the "Who asked You?" Department, it's my opinion of Shonen Knife.

What I've heard:
"Birds and the B-Sides" (album, Virgin)
"Buttercup (I'm a Super Girl)" (song collected on "Heroes and Villians", Rhino)
"Rock Animals" (album, Virgin)
"Let's Knife" (album, ???)
"Happy Hour" (album, ???)
Gross Generalization:
Pop ditties with punk nods
I doubt you want to know what I think of Shonen Knife. I mean, they have albums available in the USA. If you're reading this, you're probably from the USA. Pick up a used album. Or read some other web site. Plenty of people like Shonen Knife.

Okay, here's one thing I can add to the discussion about Shonen Knife. Sometimes, a tune sticks in your head. Sometimes, it's an irritating tune and you want it to go away. In these situations, I think of Shonen Knife's "I Like Choco Bars". It's sufficiently catchy to dislodge any other song. Despite its catchiness, I have trained myself to purge "I Like Choco Bars" from my head.


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