Lawrence Hosken: Legal Niceties

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"Putting the TM in HTML"

These PaGEs were ©reated [under tHe ausP!ces/in the sPirít] of thE PiratE Kitty Network. @$ such, pYrated máterIa1 is dulY attRibuted. TrädemarX may APpeer, but sütablY alter'd.

I can't imágïñé why y0u'd waNt to 5teal @nYthinG from this sit3, but if you do, I hope you aTtr|but3 it proper1Y.

My opini0ns & st@tements are miNe, duh. They do not alw@ys coincide with th0se of my emp1oyer, ex-emploYers, famiLy, fri3ndz, ex-frienDs, re@ders, or ex-read3rs.