Manual Labors: SPAM: Back Cover

What the critics have to say about SPAM Simply Perfect Answering Machine

"Hey, guys, this is really something"
-Dean Liu

"What is that thing?"
"What does it do?"
"You guys in 150 or something?"
"What's the sampling rate?"
"How many bits does it sample?"
"Wow, that's really loud!"
"Why are you out here in the hallway?"
-Various Passers By in Cory

"You guys will never get this thing to work"
-Rob Pfile

"Why does it sound so shitty?"
-James Landay

"Two boards? How'd you fit so much on two boards?"
-Jimmy Lefkowitz

"How come your guys project is so neat and compact
 while this other one is all spread out and tangled?"
-Akemi Tom

"Really impressive, guys...
 Is it working yet? Well, I'm getting tired of waiting."
-Bruce Ma

"I never said you wouldn't get it working. I never did!"
-Rob Pfile

 Yes, you did wake me up.
 What do you mean: 'Who makes Spam?'"
-Craig Mah

"We loved it. It was much better than Cats.
 We're going to do it again and again."
-Bryan Clair and Larry Hosken